Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Learn how to propagate cacti and create a diverse garden with this comprehensive guide. Expand your collection and marvel at their beauty.
Watering gel beads enhance indoor plant decor and provide water for plants that like indirect sunlight. They're non-toxic, colorful, and absorb/release water for up to 3 months - perfect for plant care during vacations/busy times.
Discover child-friendly plants that are educational, fun, and teach responsibility, fostering a lifelong love for nature.
Want an easy yet unique addition to your garden? Get a cactus! With various sizes and shapes, it's a standout centerpiece.
Discover the ultimate guide to building a thriving living wall, and enjoy the benefits of cooler cities and improved health.
Learn how to grow and maintain Green Giant Arborvitae plants at a rate of 3 feet per year. These majestic trees have evergreen leaves and require minimal pruning, making them ideal for any garden or landscape.
Create a water-wise garden with 15 drought-tolerant flowers. Thriving in dry conditions, these colorful plants enhance any landscape.